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Running the controller

  1. SSH into the pr2 - ssh user@pr2c1
  2. Make sure the controller is up to date
    1. cd into git repo - cd ~/bolt
    2. git pull
  3. Build controller
    1. rosmake biotac_simple_gripper
    2. (if not built before) rosmake biotac_stack
  4. Make sure you have ee_cart_imped:
  5. Point the head to the object and check if the object is in the narrow_stereo view
    1. rosrun image_view image_view image:=/narrow_stereo/left/image_raw
  6. Setup the microphone (if recording audio and not integrated)
  7. Launch the robot motions - this starts up all of the controllers and starts publishing sensor information
    1. roslaunch biotac_simple_gripper robot_motion.launch
  8. Place object in grippers hand
    1. If this is the first run, you will need to put the object in the gripper after you start the first launch so you know the arm location
  9. Start a motion - this will start the run and begin recording data
    1. rosrun biotac_simple_gripper <Filename>
    2. You want to label the files as <objectname_objectnumber_runnumber>
  10. Move object between each trial