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Setting up the Robot
Inside ~/.bashrc.ros
alias bolt-overlay='export ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/bolt/ros/haptics:$HOME/ros:${ROS_PACKAGE_PATH}; export ROS_WORKSPACE=$HOME/ros'
alias fuerte='source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash; export ROS_ENV_LOADER=/etc/ros/fuerte/'
alias start_fuerte='roslaunch /etc/ros/fuerte/robot.launch'

setup the path

Then instead of robot start:

Set up Openni_ros
mkdir openni_ros
hg clone openni_ros/
rosmake openni_ros

Set up ros_launches
(roscreate-pkg ros_launches and steal out the CMakeLists.txt - then rm -r ros_launches)
mkdir ros_launches
git clone ros_launches
roslaunch ros_launches pr2_manipulation_prerequisites.launch rosrun pr2_control_utilities